How to clean blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are one of the best investments you can make! High-quality blue light glasses will help you protect your eyes from the damage caused by harmful rays. They will also prevent eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, vision problems, and more. One of the most important benefits is that it ensures that your sleep cycle is not interrupted by the effects of blue light.

If you wear blue light glasses or regular eyeglasses, it’s important to keep them clean. Having dirty glasses can be uncomfortable and cause eye strain or headaches due to having to focus harder to see. Not only that but bacteria can grow on your blue light glasses if you don’t clean them. Here are some tips on how to clean your blue light glasses and keep them looking great:

Blue Light Glasses

Dish soap and warm water

The first step is to wash your hands to avoid getting any further bacteria into your glasses. Then run lukewarm water onto your lenses. It is important to make sure you don’t run boiling hot water on your lenses since it can damage the blue light coating.

Apply liquid soap onto the lenses, then gently rub on both sides of the lenses. It is important not to use liquid soap with moisturizers since this can leave a residue on the lens. Make sure to clean the nose pads thoroughly since it’s where bacteria can grow the most on.

After thoroughly washing your blue light glasses, it’s important to dry them with a lens cloth. Using your shirt or tissue can risk scratching or smudging, while a lens cloth can clean it leaving no scratches, streaks, marks, or lint.

Cleaning blue light glasses

Lens cloth and lens cleaning solution

A liquid solution is made with an industrial-grade cleaner that will get rid of any stain on your glasses. We offer a lens cleaner that has been formulated to remove all types of lens stains, no matter how difficult or messy they may be! The powerful formula works quickly and easily without scratching the surface meaning you can keep them looking like new for longer periods than ever before.

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We all know that using your breath to fog up and clean glasses is an old wives’ tale. But what you might not have known, is the potential risk this practice carries with it! This allows for bacteria to transfer to your lenses and may lead to scratches on your lens by rubbing it with your shirt. 

Instead, run hot water and let the vapor fog up in them, then use a microfiber cloth to clean off any residue. This method is a better way to clean your blue light glasses without damaging them or transferring bacteria.

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General Tips

Store Blue Light Glasses Properly

When traveling it’s important to keep your blue light glasses protected. This is why we recommend using a hard eyeglass case. This would ensure protection for your glasses and prevent any damage or scratches! We offer eyeglass cases at an affordable price with a hard material on the outside and soft protective material on the inside! 

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Don’t Use Chemicals

Blue light glasses should never be cleaned with harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, or any glass cleaners like Windex because this can permanently damage the surface.

Wash Microfiber Cloths

When cleaning your lenses with a microfiber lens cloth it can build up bacteria and germs, since they collect dirt and grease that were on your blue light glasses. It’s important to wash your cloths for this reason. You can wash them by hand or in the laundry!

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