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AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA contact lenses offer wearers flexibility with their wearing schedule and are highly recommended by doctors for overnight wear. They are FDA-approved for daily wear and up to 30 nights of continuous wear, providing exceptional oxygen permeation compared to other soft contact lenses.

Please note the following important information: These lenses are indicated for vision correction for both daily wear (while awake) and extended wear (awake and asleep) for up to 30 nights. However, it's crucial to be aware of the risks associated with extended wear, including the potential development of corneal ulcers and other serious eye problems. The risk is higher for extended wear compared to daily wear, especially for smokers. A small percentage of wearers may experience severe corneal infections or a permanent reduction in vision. Not everyone can wear these lenses for 30 nights continuously, and about two-thirds of wearers can achieve this duration.

Some wearers may experience side effects like infiltrative keratitis or mild discomfort, which should be monitored and treated as needed. There are also contraindications for wearing these lenses, such as eye infections, certain eye diseases, systemic diseases affecting lens wear, certain allergies, or the use of specific medications.

It's essential to follow your eye care professional's recommendations regarding wearing schedule, care, and replacement of these lenses. They should be replaced monthly unless otherwise advised, and if removed earlier, they must be properly cleaned and disinfected before reuse.

A blue and orange box containing Alcon AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA contact lenses for extended wear.
AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA Sale price$120.00